A multi-channel mix of the digital advertising spectrum; search, shopping, social, display


Our team is structured in a way to include both service specialists, and multi-channel strategists to ensure we are well equipped to tackle any challenge presented to us. We use data-driven insights alongside a combination of technology and creativity to drive highly performant campaigns that make a real difference to our clients

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Whatever you need: Whether you need an audit, a consultant, or an ongoing implementation partner, we have a way that works best for you
Paid Search / PPC

Paid Search / PPC

Specialists in creating high performing campaigns across Search Shopping, Display, and Video, our team uses a combination of technology and creativity to gain increased visibility and more sales at a profitable cost per acquisition (CPA)

"Paid Social" Advertising

Social media’s near-universal reach allows businesses to reach highly targeted individuals with personalized advertising and persuade them to take action

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Our expert team has been widely recognized for our ability to drive higher conversion rates and more profitable Google Shopping CPAs even in the most competitive sectors

Programmatic Display

Programmatic Display

Achieve strategic online placements and advertise your business to a targeted audience through Google’s contextual advertising network, the Google Display Network, DV360 and YouTube

Paid Media Consultancy

Paid Media Consultancy

Work with our expert team on account audit projects, multi-channel strategy creation, or attribution modelling to upskill your internal Paid Media teams through our consultative offerings

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

Grow your overall store performance by investing in Amazon Advertising. Our Amazon PPC specialists work with your ecommerce team to optimize ROAS/ROI across your Amazon activity. We manage all ad types across Amazon, including Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads and Display Product ads

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Nils Eger, managing director@FU Trade
Nils Eger, managing director@FU Trade

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  • Manual Bid Optimizations
  • PPC Call Tracking
  • Automatic Bid Optimizations
  • Traffic Quality Improvements
  • Keyword Match Type Selections
  • ROI Conversion Tracking
  • Quality Score Improvements
  • Display Campaign Targeting
  • A/B Ad/Image Split Testing
  • Analytics Improvements
  • Keyword Refinement/Expansion
  • Bid Modifiers
  • Competitor Watching
  • Geo-Targeting Improvements
  • Negative Keyword Additions
  • Day Parting Improvements
  • Image Ad Creation & Split Testing
  • Ad Extension Granularity
  • Single Keyword Ad Groups
  • YouTube Campaign Refinement
  • Keyword Tapering Ad Groups
  • Expansion Opportunities
  • Retargeting Campaign Tactics
  • New Beta Releases
  • Creative Ad Copywriting
  • Dynamic Copy Testing

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Whatever you need: Whether you need an audit, a consultant, or an ongoing implementation partner, we have a way that works best for you!